About - Brenda Doucette


"To all the subjects I photograph, I apply the criterion that if they are worth recording at all, they are worth doing in such a way that they can stand repeated viewing, even demand it, so that one can go back again and again to find new, hidden qualities missed at first…"

~Elliot Porter~


Thank you for viewing my site. I have many passions in my life. As life goes, I am a proud wife and mother of two great girls. I have a wonderful teaching career, but still found that I had one dream not fulfilled and that was my passion for photography. So, I am currently fulfilling that dream and obtaining my photography degree at Rhode Island School of Design. Where ever I go my camera is always with me. My love of travel allows me to photograph a variety of landscapes, animals and floral. I hope you enjoy my photographs. Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

Brenda Doucette

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